About MP3 Recoder

MP3 Recoder is a tool that converts audio files from higher bit rates to lower bit rates. It runs under Windows and Linux and supports MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats.


External portable MP3 players still have limited storage capacity. Audio files on a computer are in most cases in such a high bit rate that reduction with modern audio codecs shrinks the file size significantly while decreasing quality only marginally.

Even at bit rates around 128 kbit/s untrained listeners hear almost no differences compared to CD quality. By reduction of 192 kbit/s or more to 128 kbit/s it is possible to keep 30% to 50% more MP3 files on an MP3 player.


This is where MP3 Recoder comes into play. MP3 Recoder enables the user to convert audio files into lower bit rates, saving a marginally lower quality copy on the MP3 player and leaving the original file unchanged. It can create the file name on the MP3 player from the source file to circumvent limitations of MP3 players and to organize the target files. Existing metadata can be used for this purpose too (MP3 files: ID3 tags, OGG vorbis: comments).